Free Book Weekend! Wings of The Fallen & Wings of The Brave

Because it’s almost Christmas and because Wings of The Warrior, the third book in The Huntress Chronicles is being released, I have decided to offer, for the first time, Wings of The Fallen and Wings of The Brave for free! You can click on the links below!    

Huge Book Promotion! Free Books!

Because it’s Halloween and because I am furiously writing my first book for my new series, Wings of the Fallen, I’ve decided to do a huge book promotion this weekend! All of the first books in my series are currently free, while the other novels are also offered at a discounted rate. What are you…

The Wicked Thorn is FREE!

  I have been extremely busy writing my first comic book novel, Wave, helping my sons’ with their comic book novels and finally starting on the next book in this series, The Wicked Shadow! I am happy to offer The Wicked Thorn for FREE over the next five days and I hope those who haven’t…

Free Book Weekend!

  I am very excited to offer The Skye Trilogy FREE for the next five days! You can download with the links below. I am also beyond proud and happy that my boys are offering their first three books in their comic book series for free as well this weekend. SeppinRek’s next two books, Brawler…

Isle of Night FREE! 7/3-7/7/2015

  Just a quick post to let everyone know that Isle of Night, book two in the Skye Trilogy is FREE for the next five days!   Download it now!