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Captivating Wick Release Date & Info



Life is funny, isn’t it? I’m sitting here and I had to pause for a second because I cannot believe I am already writing out this blog post. I literally just published Enchanting Wick a few weeks ago and now, here I am again, ready to publish another book.

I suppose the only explanation I have is that I absolutely loved creating, and writing, Wick and Gracie’s story. These two characters have enchanted me since I started dreaming up The Hidden Realm Series. I guess, in some ways, my obsession and love for them propelled me to work harder than I ever have before.

Captivating Wick is a story about love and redemption. It is also about discovering the true meaning of loving someone, warts and all. Wick is not a typical storybook character. He’s an anti-hero at best. He is not ashamed of his past, nor does he hesitate to kill anyone who stands in his way or threatens those he cares about. He is somewhat mentally unstable and I did not want to shy away from that element.

The simple fact is, most male characters you read about today are pretty messed up, but Wick doesn’t use that as an excuse. He takes full responsibility for his actions and he wears his insanity proudly on his sleeve ( as noted by Gracie). His past does not dictate his future. He does not use the excuse of being domineering as his way to control his environment, nor does he participate in any showman like sexual deviant games.

He is, down deep, a lost little boy, who craves love and he finds that unconditional love with Gracie.

In Captivating Wick, Gracie has other issues to worry about besides Wick. She has something infinitely more important to focus her attention on and it was interesting to weave a tale of two people navigating this tricky situation.

Yes, there is one huge bombshell revealed at the climax and it is an aspect of the story that I have been working on since day one. I just wasn’t quite sure when I was going to incorporate it in the six book series. I can also tell you that Maximus does indeed make a quick appearance towards the end and I am now itching to write his and Marianna’s tale.

The release date for Captivating Wick is November 17, 2015 and I am pleased as punch to unveil the blurb, and the book trailer.



Book Four of The Hidden Realm Series concludes the epic love story of Gracie and Wick.

Gracie has turned to the only man that can help her after a stunning discovery rocks her world. She knows Wick’s state of mind is precarious, but she has no choice. She must place her faith and trust into the damaged man that she loves with all her heart.

Danger and deception threaten them at every turn. Wick is determined to keep Gracie safe at all costs and he is pushed to the edge of his unstable darkness as their love deepens. A new life emerges, but will it be their salvation or their destruction?

A shocking revelation will be revealed and their lives will never be the same as they continue to fight against the evil interim werewolf king who has vowed to get his revenge on Wick.

Join Wick and Gracie on their journey as they navigate the road to love and redemption!


Book Trailer:

*Warning: This trailer contains spoilers. If you have not read Enchanting Wick, do not watch. Instead purchase the book Enchanting Wick first…;)



Enchanting Wick

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The Fairy Door is Released!



I can’t believe it is finally here! I am thrilled to be able to talk about my newest book. I never intended to write this story. I had another series in mind, but then something magical happened. I stumbled across an article about Fairy Doors and all of a sudden the beginnings of a story began swirling inside my brain.

I originally thought of doing a quick two book series, but the more I wrote, the more I realized that there were a few characters whose lives were even more entwined in The Fairy Door and that’s how The Hidden Realm Series was born.

I’m a bit nervous to write a six book series. I know that the format is a slightly unusual, but I’m confident that they will all tie together in the end.

I revealed the covers a week ago and now I will tell you a little more information.

Book 1 & 2 of The Hidden Realm Series:

The Fairy Door


The Fairyland Queen

*Liliana and Killian’s story.


Book 3 & 4 of The Hidden Realm Series:

Enchanting Wick


Captivating Wick

*Gracie and Warwick’s story.


Book 5 & 6 of The Hidden Realm Series:

Awakened Moon


Surrendered Moon

*Marianna and Maximus’ story.  


I am so pumped for this series. Like I said, it was not the direction I thought I was going in, but I couldn’t ignore this story or these characters. I hope that you love them as much as I do and I wish you all happy reading!


The Fairy Door Book Blurb:


A mysterious door and an enchanting hidden world!

The Fairy Door.

Liliana Brennan is a smart librarian who is set to get married and settle into a stable, normal life. Her entire existence is turned upside down when she is left at the altar and her best friend Gracie goes missing on a business trip.

A desperate search for Gracie unearths a doorway into another world and stunning revelations shock Liliana as she tries to acclimate herself to a new life.

Can she accept her fate and embrace love behind the fairy door?

The Fairy Door is book one in The Hidden Realm Series by bestselling author Shannon Barczak.

*This book contains mild profanity and light sexual content.*
*Intended for readers 17+up*

So grab your copy of The Fairy Door and join me on this incredible trip into a magical new realm!



The Cursed Scepter is LIVE!



I am excited to announce that The Cursed Scepter is now available for download! I decided to push myself and publish early due to the fact my amazing father will be undergoing surgery next week and I want to focus on family for a bit.

I hope you all enjoy the final book to the series and I wish you all happy reading!


Download now!

The Cursed Scepter:





The Fae Witch Box set:




Why I became a Paranormal Romance Author.



It seems like the two most common questions I get asked are:


‘How do you write a book?’


‘Why did you choose to write paranormal romance?’


Usually the second question is asked with curiosity, amusement and sometimes the occasional condescending gaze of someone who believes themselves to be far more intelligent than little old me. I never know what the right answer is to give because to do so is almost ridiculous.

I know that I am not going to win a Pulitzer. I also am very much aware that Hemingway or Fitzgerald will not be mentioned in the same sentence as my name many years from now. I will try to explain it as best as I can and then hopefully I never have to defend my genre ever again.

The best quote in the world that sums up my feelings is in the words of the late John Lennon:

“I believe in everything until it is disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if its in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”


I love the classics as much as anyone. I enjoy discovering new authors that take you on gritty adventures and explore the depth of the human soul with breathtaking realism.

I can read a good regency romance one day and Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte the next. I have lost myself in the horrifying world of Stephen King only to be brought back from the shakes by the smart, great Nora Roberts.

I’m a writer. I love to read but if I had my choice of all the books in the world I would choose a good paranormal romance over any other genre.

I believe that inside everyone of us is a child that still remembers their first fairy tale book and listening with awe as the image of the fantastical was implanted in our young minds.

What girl doesn’t go to sleep dreaming of her prince charming or of having a fairy godmother?

What young boy doesn’t daydream about slaying a dragon or being a swashbuckling pirate?

Or vice versa?

( I actually dreamed about doing all those things so maybe I shouldn’t label! )

I think as we get older, we are almost programmed to ignore our imaginations and focus on the ‘real world’. We are told from a young age to grow up and be more mature so that we may someday take the world by storm in the court room or the oval office.

Our toys get packed or sold away and before you know it we are caught up in the drama of life.

I refuse to give up on those daydreams and I have dedicated my life now to creating crazy stories about the mythical so that people can get lost for a little while and remember what it was like to believe in something that was all too real in our minds when we were young and innocent.

I also wanted to bring a sense of realism and so yes, I swear and I write love scenes a little too graphic for my father’s liking but when you’re writing for adults you want them to be interested enough to continue but you also want to intrigue and tickle their childhood nostalgia.

I believe in happily ever after and I guess I just want you to believe it too, even if it’s only for a short time.