Isle of Night Blurb

I finally got the blurb done for ‘Isle of Night’. I wanted to put it up on Amazon but of course since I am just a lowly indie author I can’t do it yet without setting a price.

Really Amazon? All I wanted to do was put up my book cover, release date and blurb for my very few loyal fans but NOOOO..they won’t let me do that. Like I’m going to charge someone .99 to download a blurb for my book. So instead of screaming obscenities at the computer I decided to roll with it and post it here on my blog with a smile on my face.

Yeah, I think anyone who knows me well, knows what I really am waving in front of the computer screen.

Isle of night book cover 3

Isle of night is the second book in the Skye Trilogy

Release date: March 27, 2014

Several months have passed since Willa McCormack, a bakery owner from Yuma, AZ, was told she was a powerful Gypsy-Fae princess and journeyed to the Isle of Skye. As she tries to open her new business and get ready for the Fae’s arrival to the Isle, new dangers lurk at every turn.

While she tries to uncover clues about a dangerous enemy and find the weapons that can kill him, she also has to deal with her intense feelings for her Guardian, Mathias, a vampire of light.

Join Willa, an unlikely smart ass heroine, as she navigates this magical world and tries to save her new home from being plunged into eternal darkness.

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