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The day is almost here. Isle of Night, book two of the Skye Trilogy, will be released on Thursday. I have so many thoughts and emotions about this book so instead of rambling on and on I decided to break this blog post down in a few different sections.

The Creation~

When I finished publishing Isle of Skye, I had set certain goals and expectations for myself concerning book two. I wanted Isle of Night to be better. I wanted it to be not just some second book filler novel but a book that grabs you from chapter one and carries your interest all the way through to book three. I wanted to build upon the story and not have a book that is just a bridge to the ending. I know that there are plenty of readers out there that realize what I’m saying. You read book one of a series and you’re all excited for the next book and it’s a total dud. I wanted book two to be so much more than just a second book in a series. I needed it to be a building block in an intricate story.

I sat down and wrote out my chapter outlines. I mentally prepared myself for what may lie ahead in the coming months and off I went into my writing world. I was amazed though at how much more organically this story seemed to grow almost all on its own once I started typing away. I actually disregarded the chapter outlines after a while because what I was writing in the moment was so much better than I could have ever dreamed of weeks earlier.

I have talked about hitting the big, fat, sex wall. The ‘oh my God my father is going to read this’ moment that I had and it halted my writing for a short time. The past few days though I have come to realize that it wasn’t so much my fathers reaction but my own. I suppose in some ways there were certain parts of me that had a bit of embarrassment over what I had written.

I’ve come to terms with all of that now. After reading and editing Isle of Night several times I truly believe that the sex scenes are not the story but they are just the right touch of added bonus features. This book is about a woman finding herself in this new paranormal world that she has been thrust into and learning to adapt to her new surroundings. This book is not about different sex toys or positions. This story was always intended to be about a real woman. Willa is not a little girl. She’s tough but vulnerable. She has quite a mouth on her and is unapologetic about her swearing. She has no problem conveying her wants and needs in any situation. Although, Mathias can leave her tongue tied, she bounces back pretty quick.

I have said from the beginning that this was a realistic approach to an unrealistic genre. I’m not going to hold back with my writing. Basically, if I want to throw around the f-bomb or say cock, I’m going to do it because that is what’s real. I’m not going to skimp on details so my book can be more mainstream. At the end of the day, the book has six or seven scenes that border on being graphic sexually. It’s not in every chapter and it’s not discussed every other paragraph.

That’s all I have to say about that! Moving on…

When I neared the end of the book though, I found myself faced with a serious problem. The ending. I hate cliffhangers. Unfortunately there was no way around this predicament. I also in a moment of excitement wrote out the prologue for book three and inserted it at the end of Isle of Night.

Yes, I know. I’m not trying to be mean or diabolical. I always knew that this was going to be how I was going to end book two but there was a part of me that felt bad for my readers. Now, it’s not a massive ‘Oh my God, no. How could she?’ kind of cliffhanger but it’s still enough of one that makes me want to address it here so I can apologize.

OK, not really but I am truly sorry if anyone doesn’t like the way it ended! *CHEEKY SMILE*

The plot~

I hate to give too much away but Isle of Night continues on with Willa’s journey in not only finding herself but she is also becoming more confident and mature. There are many familiar faces as well as many new characters that will also be featured predominantly in book three. I hope you enjoy traveling this dark and winding road with Willa as she tries to figure out who she is and how to save those she has come to love.

There is, of course, a lot more Mathias.

You will gain insight into Mathias and his past as the story unfolds in Isle of Night. You will also glimpse a more tender side… not much, but as tender as Mathias can ever truly be.


I’m not spilling the beans too much but I will throw out a few teasers!

1) There is a surprising new couple that emerges in Isle of Night. I cannot wait to explore more of that relationship in book three.

2) New ( old) characters emerge…yes, I did mean to be cryptic.

3) There is a MAJOR revelation about Mathias.

4) You know that there are sex scenes but I also want to make a disclaimer. ‘It’s getting hot in here so hide the kindle from those 18 and under’.

5) The prologue for book three, Isle of Dawn, will be from Mathias’s point of view..yup, ladies, you will be able to get into Mathias’s head for a few minutes.

Last word~

I hope you are as excited as I am for this book to be released and I pray that you love it as much as I do. Thank you to all my readers and new fans. Every like, every comment, every great review, is truly what has kept me going sometimes. All the late nights and stress is evaporated the instant I think of everyone’s kind words.

March 27th…hold onto your hats!

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  1. Jane Dutton says:

    Can’t wait for book 2. Congrats ❤ you

  2. Mimi says:

    Book two is amazing and makes one excited to read three

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