Exciting Announcement! Introducing Scrumptious Skye Confections Cookbook



I am beyond excited to announce that I will be publishing an accompanying cookbook to the Skye Trilogy!

When I first started thinking about my book I knew that I wanted my character to be a whiz in the kitchen as well as a lover of food. The idea slowly took root to pen a cookbook with the series when I was done writing ‘Isle of Skye’. My main character Willa owns a bakery but when she is forced to leave her hometown of Yuma, AZ she also has to leave her business behind. When she arrives on the mythical Isle of Skye set in the English channel she decides to open another bakery there and calls it Scrumptious Skye Confections.

Now why would I do this massive undertaking? It’s very simple really. I love to cook and bake. I also love food. A few years ago I started a small food blog called ‘Mrs.B’s food’ but unfortunately when I started writing my book I kind of slacked off writing in it on a regular basis. I  have since renamed the blog so it now sounds cohesive with my author website.

Shannon Barczak Creations is the new name for my blog and I am so thrilled to be incorporating my two passions finally together. I truly believe that it was when I started writing in my food blog that I began to believe in myself as a writer.  Sometimes I would write out stories that were longer than my recipes. It became almost like a journal for me and I have missed posting my little life anecdotes and recipes for food that I love.

Writing a cookbook for the series seems natural to me. Willa talks a lot about food and the treats she makes. I can’t wait to get started writing out the recipes that she mentions and also including some of my characters favorite dishes and little tidbits about them.

Some of the recipes that will be included are:

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

Homemade Cannoli’s

Lemon Curd Tarts

Lasagna with pepperoni sauce

Braised Beef tenderloin

Homemade Chinese dishes

Ode to Yuma


I will probably include more desserts than main dishes and starters in keeping with the theme of my book but this is truly a project that I have wanted to do for several years and to see it all come to fruition is just so amazing for me. I will be releasing the cookbook the same day as ‘Isle of Dawn’ and it will also be available for free with my trilogy box set on August 28, 2014

Check out my food blog!







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