To make or not make a Book Trailer?


For a long time now I have struggled with the idea of making a book trailer. Every author seems to have one for their book nowadays but a lot of them have a little bit of the cheese factory going on and not the good kind people. When I started researching how to make one, I came across various sites which tell us authors to definitely make one for your book BUT they all pretty much suck in the end.

What? I felt like I was reading a new medication leaflet. This will help you tremendously but you may die or develop some hideous other disease.


Now not all the ones I have seen are that cringe worthy but there was a bit of cheesiness in the air. Some book trailers were like the oh so bad for you but you love them Cheetos variety and some were just downright I-bought-this-bag-at-the-dollar-store-God-Help-Me awful. I decided with a little help from a tutorial and my amazing teenage sons to take the plunge into the dairy pool.

I do not think we will be receiving any awards for these, in my opinion pretty fantastic trailers, but I have to say I did get a little thrill to see all three of my books in a movie like format.

I only hope you don’t throw popcorn at the screen or cringe…well you can cringe a little, it’s cool, I probably would too but it’s my boys first attempt at cinematography greatness.

Isle of Skye Book Trailer:

Isle of Night Book Trailer:

Isle of Dawn Book Trailer:


Now back to my editing and formatting writing cave




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