The Cursed Charm is released!



After months of slaving away and countless hours of editing, the day is finally here! The Cursed Charm is now out and available for download. I have so many emotions in regards to this book. I am excited and I am also anxious. The first book of a new series is so important. You have to not only introduce new characters and storylines but you also have to make the readers want to continue reading the next books.

It’s been a long, painful road (pinched nerve, massive pain, and many sleepless nights) but I have to say that this book was really fun to write and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!

The Cursed Charm

Book one of The Fae Witch Series

Long ago the Goddess Gaia yearned for the essence of her being to be brought to life within another and so the Fae Witch was born…

Queen Avalon of Aislinge was the kindest of rulers but one day evil prevailed and a terrible curse was placed upon her. Banished from her fairy realm, she and her husband Arthur set out to find the instruments of power which had been cruelly taken from her.

Hundreds of years have now gone by and the only one who can find these powerful items is her granddaughter Aston. As time ticks away rapidly, Avalon decides to hire someone to help her and her family.

Lucian is a Fae vampire whose exploits with woman are far more notable than his triumphs as a mercenary. His charm and wit both delight and irritate Aston. Can they work together on this dangerous quest?

Step inside a new magical realm, where myth and legend are real and the power of the Fae Witches will be revealed.

*The Fae Witch Series is a spin-off of the Skye Trilogy*



Download The Cursed Charm!


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