Are writers crazy?



Are writers crazy? This is the question that I am pondering as I sit here itching to start my next book.

I finished the third book in The Fae Witch Series, The Cursed Dagger, this weekend. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I am happy to be done with it because I need to get the story out of my head.

I always promote the steadfast rule of taking some time off, but I have a big problem.

I want to start work on the fourth and final novel of the series, The Cursed Scepter, right now. I cannot wait to continue this journey with the characters I have come to love. I want to write out their ending and have everyone else enjoy the completed story.

I also have a secret, a huge fat secret.

I have two other storylines in my head. One is a paranormal trilogy that I have been dreaming up for a long time and the other is something a little different, something outside my comfort zone.

I have decided to join in the fray and write my own contemporary novel.

There I said it out loud for all the world to hear.

A story hit me out of the blue a few months ago when I was going through my ‘I must read all the unread books on my kindle or I will die’ phase.

I read some truly wonderful, sexy books and I also read some what the hell was this person thinking when they wrote this and why on earth does it have all these five star ratings novels.

I get it fellow writers. Everyone is jumping on the fifty shades bandwagon and hoping for that bestseller and movie deal, but seriously? Some of these stories are ridiculous and quite frankly, have we lost the art of character development?

Do not get me started on the 60-80 page books that offer little substance.

I have written about my wariness of these short stories and if I read another book that goes like this I’m going to scream:

‘Hi, oh my God, I want you, lets have sex, I can’t be in a relationship, I can’t live without you, they fall in love and live happily ever after.’

Here’s the deal, I need more. I want to immerse myself in the train wreck that someone has created and watch every little detail unfold in front of me. I want to stay up late until my eyes are burning out their sockets. I want to feel and go through all of it, and I can’t do that in thirty minutes.

I’m not trying to put anyone down, but I have to be honest. I know that some people enjoy short stories or novellas because they don’t have time to invest in a good, long read, but I am not of those people because I literally have a need to be involved a lot longer otherwise you’ll lose me before I even get started.

This story has hit me like a freight train and I cant get it out of my mind. I have to write it or else it will fester inside of me. I started writing paranormal romance so that I could infuse a sense of realism into the completely unrealistic.

I want to do that now with a contemporary romance. I want to write about a real woman who is not going to put up with any domineering man and his penchant for BDSM. I want someone who is going to question this lifestyle realistically and not just go along for the ride.

Do you know why?

Because I have questions about all of this and I hope when I write the story those things will become clear to me. I want to write about real people that are not emotionally or physically scarred from a traumatic childhood event, but are somewhat normal and are the kind of people that I would be friends with.

So I came up with a plan. I am going to finish book four of my series shortly. After that is done I am going to try and write book one of my contemporary series and book one of my paranormal series.

I know, I can hear the groans from the peanut gallery. Are you nuts? Do you want your arm, neck and shoulder ever to heal?

Yes, I am crazy. I think all good writers have to be to write a book. I also believe that if we don’t write the stories in our head then how will we live with ourselves.

I love it when people tell me to take a break. I laugh it off because to try and explain the crazy will get me committed.

I don’t want to take a break. I want to write my stories and share them. I waited a very long time to do this and now that I am, I cannot stop my fingers from typing or my brain from creating.

As I was contemplating all of this today, I read a quote from the author Jodi Picoult… I know, I just totally rhymed there, right?

This quote sums up my feelings and instead of having diarrhea of the blog I should have just said this in the beginning:


I write because I can’t NOT write…If I have an idea circling in my brain and I can’t get it out, it begins to poison my waking existence, until I’m unable to function in polite company or even hold a simple conversation.’


Thank you.

That is exactly how I feel and I’m sure it is a quote that resonates with all of us crazy writers.

It’s not something we can control. The need to create is unlike any thing else imaginable. It seeps from our pores and it bleeds from our fingers as we write. We cry and we laugh. We become every character, even the psychos, because in the end, that is who we are and we can’t stop it nor do we want to.

That is our secret.

This year is going to be insane in the membrane, but I can’t wait to see how it ends.





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