The Art of Taking a Break



Someone recently asked me what I had been up to lately. It seems my disappearance from the outside world has not gone unnoticed. I answered simply that I was taking a break and I was soon going to go back to work on finishing editing the fourth and final book in The Fae Witch Series, The Cursed Scepter.

It’s funny, really. After writing seven books, this was the first occurrence that my body and my brain shut down at the same time. The second I wrote out the epilogue, I turned off my laptop and I haven’t booted it up since yesterday.

I have joked that for the last three weeks I have discovered the joy of having Netflix so please leave me alone to my mindless pleasure of watching various television shows and movies that I have missed while I have been entrenched in my writing over the last two years.

I spent a whole week with my children during Spring Break doing nothing, but enjoying their company.

I have basked in the joy of sleeping and plowed through a box of photos that should have been gone through ten years ago.

In short, I have been living a quiet life while my brain recharged.

I tried to tell someone last week how I had been feeling and I think I can finally put it into words.

All my life I feel like I have lived in my head. When I finally gathered the courage to write all my stories that had been crowding my brain, everything exploded at once. I now had the fortitude to put my thoughts together so I could share them with the world and just like that, ideas and words saturated my very being.

If you want to know what it is like to be a writer, well, imagine a thousand browser tabs open on your computer at the same time. Try to picture a million words, faces, names, and plots spinning around in your head on a continuous cycle.

In short, it’s a creative dam that rushes out and never quiets. The stillness of a creek becomes a roaring river and the soft flakes of snow turn into a piercing storm of sharp ice shards.

This was the first time that the world stopped spinning rapidly and I could finally take a breath. The drive inside of me slowed and I knew that I had to bask in the peacefulness that I realized instinctively would be over soon enough.

My time out is coming to an end. I have to finish The Cursed Scepter. I also have to start on my next project which I am bursting at the seams now to write. It was originally going to be a two book series, but of course, me being me, had a flash of inspiration the other night. I now am adding two more books and the ideas and possibilities have given me the familiar goose bumps up and down my spine.

I think I pushed myself to the edge with the Skye Trilogy and The Fae Witch Series because those were the two stories that wouldn’t leave me for so long and I had to get them out before I screamed.

My screams are now sighs of happiness and instead of being sad that it’s over, I am actually content.

Being an Indie Author is tough. There are so many of us out there and we work tirelessly in hopes of reaching as many people possible without the benefit of outside help.

We cannot lose sight though of what’s important and that is our stories that we want to be told in the best way possible. To do that we need to take care of ourselves and our spirit. I have learned that sometimes taking a break is easier said than done, but when I get the chance again, you’re darn sure I’m going to take it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Now, it’s time to get back to work…



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