Seeds of the Cursed Released!

I am excited to share with you that Seeds of the Cursed has been released!

The second book of The Cursed Series has been a roller coaster of a ride to write and I can’t wait for everyone to continue on this journey with Hattie and Rafe!


“You must seek the most cursed object ever to be created. It is neither here nor there. It has been lost and you must find a way to bring it back into existence if you are to obtain it.”

The second task on the quest for Persephone’s fabled seeds is even more dangerous than the first!

Hattie O’Malley is at the end of her rope.

Her new husband, the devilish and notorious vampire, Rafe Vilar, has been kidnapped by her father Hades, god of the Underworld and she has escaped to an island on a different dimension. Time is ticking away and her life depends on finding the seeds so she can be free to live her life, but at every turn, new challenges and revelations plunge her further down a treacherous path.

A journey to the ruins of ancient Greece leads to a startling discovery which will change Hattie’s life forever. As she encounters new beings and finally finds a place to call home, she will stop at nothing to preserve what she now holds dear to her.

Join Hattie and Rafe on the next leg of their incredible adventure!

Seeds of the Cursed contains profanity, graphic sex, and violence. This book is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

You can download or purchase a paperback copy through the links below!

The third and final book of The Cursed Series, Seeds of Discord, will be released in early summer!

Happy reading!


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