Seeds of Discord Released!

I am thrilled to announce that Seeds of Discord, the third and final book, of The Cursed Series has been released!

Rafe and Hattie’s adventure filled journey has been a joy to write. I hope their story delights you and I also can’t wait to welcome you back with more tales from The Village of the Lost Series later on this year.

Happy Reading! Book description and link to Amazon can be found below.

Hattie O’Malley-Vilar is on the cusp of her third and final task to hunt for the last seed of Persephone. Her goal is to break the spell that bound her to guard the tunnels to the three hells and start her new life. If she fails, she will forfeit her existence, and all she has fought for over the last several months will be lost.
The only hindrance is an earth-shattering revelation recently revealed and once again Persephone has thrown her mental state into chaos as Hattie tries desperately to forgive the goddess before she begins this important final journey. Along the way, she will heal old wounds, meet new friends and family members, and deepen her resolve to finally find what she longs for most and that is peace.
Hattie and Rafe’s third and final ride into the world of mythology is filled with new twists and turns as they attempt to break the curse and start a new chapter of eternity with one another.

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