The Final Draft, The Writing Blurb, and Fair Weather Friends


I feel like in the past week I have grown not only as a writer but also as an editor. That’s not to say I am hanging a sign out my front door for my services, but all in all, I feel pretty good about how things are progressing.

I finally got my first draft of my final draft done. Yes, you read right, first draft of the final. Since I’m not able to use a copy editor at this time * wailing* I’m plowing through it on my own. Alright, I’m also using writing software, which I found out, does not rewrite everything for you, apparently you have to do it all manually…Yay!

Needless to say I was feeling happy and excited to be almost done with my book.

That was until I had to sit and write the blurb.

How do you write what your entire book is about in a few short paragraphs? How do you entice a reader but not give too much away?

I stressed about this for several days. I started out with a glowing two page essay. Two pages which I had to shrink into two-three paragraphs. Finally I had an epiphany. I had made a conscience effort with my first book to write with a sense of realism, what would I say? What would I do? I realized with the blurb I didn’t have to do that. I could be as lyrical as I wanted. After all my book is about magic and fairytales. 

In true fashion I finished it up while cooking dinner and I’m so relieved. I conquered my nemesis. I slayed the blurb dragon. Long live me!

On a completely different side note, I also, made a rather startling realization last night.

For months I hid what I was doing from everyone. I didn’t want to post it out there that I was writing a book. Who cares? Thousands of people start writing books, few though, have the conviction to finish. I’m not saying that to be arrogant, I am merely stating fact. It’s not easy. In fact, it will literally suck the life right out of you. You have to be committed to spending every waking hour for months obsessing about every word, every character, every scene. You have to come to terms with the fact not everyone will like what you’ve written. There is nobody on this earth that will ever love your book as much as you. 

When I did finally post on Facebook that I had written a book I was surprised by how many people just didn’t give two sh*ts. People who I have known for years, even some members of my own family, couldn’t be bothered to even take one second to hit the ‘ Like ‘ button. I’m not asking for a parade but when you do something that means so much to you, you expect, some of the people in your life to share in your joy.

This past week has been an amazing journey of discovery for me. Not only do I have a new enthusiasm for my book to finally be published but I also have a greater sense of human character. To pretend that it doesn’t hurt me would be a lie but I am now armed with a deeper sense of who I want in my life and who doesn’t really belong.

So to summarize: I’m almost finished with my first book. I’m tackling challenges that a few short months ago I couldn’t even imagine trying , and, I’m finding out who my friends are.

*Cue ” I’m Every Woman” by the late great Ms. Houston please*




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Libby says:

    Cue….this girl is one FIRE! love you!

    1. What I forgot to mention is how lucky I am to have a few amazing friends. I honestly would be lost without all your support. Thanks libster, now I have that song in my head 😉

  2. Erika Gould says:

    I am excited to read it!

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