Introducing The Isle of Skye


I am thrilled and very proud to finally introduce to the world my new book, ‘ The Isle of Skye’.

As you may know, the writing blurb, has given me pounding headaches, heartburn and many sleepless nights. I have agonized about writing this small description for weeks. Do I think it’s the best blurb out there? Nope. Do I think it’s the best I can do in my current state of mind? Yes!

Now that I am almost ready to publish, over the next few weeks, I will be talking more about the story and the characters. I have to be honest, I’m a little hesitate to get into too many details. Call me superstitious but until this baby is out there published with my own copyright I want to keep it safe and protected.

So without further adieu …

The Isle of Skye

A place where Magic & Myth collide

Willa McCormack is a feisty Bakery owner in Yuma, Arizona. She has
Wonderful parents, great friends, and a career she loves. Her life changes
overnight when her terrified parents are forced to reveal their secrets.

Secrets that will change her life forever.

Willa must now leave everything she has ever known and embark on a
dangerous journey to the Isle of Skye. A place where she will learn that
fairytales and nightmares are real. A place where she will discover not
only what she really is but who she is destined to be.

Come explore the world of Gypsies, Faeries, and Vampires with an unlikely
heroine, who above all else, is determined to stay true to herself.

Book one of the Skye trilogy

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Trapani says:

    love the blurb perfect!!!!

  2. jen t says:

    Wow somehow I missed the memo you were writing a book. You go girl!!! I already want to know more….it sounds great and I can’t wait to buy it:)

  3. Kristy Dutton says:

    Sounds intriguing! How do I get my hands on this? ❤

    1. I will be publishing on kindle in a few weeks 🙂

  4. jen says:

    I heart Willa!
    Start book 2 already!

  5. Nancy Romboldi says:

    This sounds great! I cannot wait to read it!

  6. Jane Dutton says:

    Can’t wait to read it, am very proud of all the hard you have done. <2

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