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After a crazy week of promoting and releasing Isle of Dawn, I have begun writing my new book, The Cursed Charm, which is book one of The Fae Witch Series. I usually do not like to talk about my upcoming books too much but because I’m excited finally to begin writing again, I thought it would great to share with everyone a little bit about my new project.

The Cursed Charm is a slight spin off to the Skye Trilogy. Familiar characters may pop up from time to time but for the most part this is a brand new story. In book three, Isle of Dawn, you got to meet Lucian, who is Lord Machall’s brother. Lucian is a Fae vampire and charmingly sexy. I have to say he is proving to be the most fun character I have ever dreamed up in my mind.

I am also discovering that this book is a lot harder to write from a technical standpoint. I’m creating a new series, but I have to add certain storylines from The Skye Trilogy. Tying everything together and developing new plot lines and characters has been challenging but I’m enjoying the way everything seems to be coming together.

In Isle of Dawn Lucian touches on the subject of Fae witches:

Excerpt from Isle of Dawn-

“Long ago, before the Fae, Sprites or Nymphs, two goddess witches were born by the mother of all Gods. Gaia is said to have created her very image into the Goddess Arianrhold, who was the epitome of beauty and light. She also was a powerful magical being. Where there is light, there is always darkness, so Gaia created the goddess Morrigan, who is the purveyor of death and war.”

“Gaia created them a beautiful realm but the other Gods were not happy. They feared these two goddess’s power, so they created the Fae. At one time they were all in the land of Fairlia but the witches did not like the interference from the King, so they made a pact with him. They would leave the whole land to him if he promised never to interfere with their business. King Cormagglia, your grandfather, was only too happy to comply. He knew the strength of their powers and was happy to grant them their freedom.”

“At the time, the Fae witches were ruled by a powerful but gentle witch. She was sad to see them go, but my grandmother had fallen in love with a Fae and she wanted my mother to grow up in Fairlia. Soon after an evil warlock, who I believe is working with Fonn, staged a coup against the Queen of the Witches, and he cast her and her family out into the human realm but not before placing a curse upon them.”


The Fae Witch Series will center on the ousted queen and her family. Her granddaughter Aston is at the center of the curse, and it is up to her to find the four instruments of power. It has been interesting to create a character that is the polar opposite of Willa. Aston is more serious and mature because of the pressure that she has been under all her life, but there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye as you will discover the deeper the story unfolds.

I can’t wait to share more of Aston and Lucian’s adventures. Writing their story has been an interesting task, but one that I am finding to be a great pleasure.

I had originally thought this book would take longer to develop, but I am excited to announce The Cursed Charm will be released around Halloween!

Stay tuned for more updates – Shannon






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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love most that you love what you’re doing!! So happy you have found your thing!! Big hugs.

  2. Mimi says:

    I agree with Jennifer. This process has given you a sense of yourself, and as they say ” you have found yourself”. Your accomplishments speak for themselves. I can’t wait to read this new series.

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