The Cursed Dagger is Released!



The Cursed Dagger, book three of The Fae Witch Series is LIVE!


I am excited to finally share with everyone my new book and I thought I would give you all a little back story as to how I went about writing it these last few months.

I knew that this book was going to be a lot darker than the first two books in the series. I had prepared myself for it and I was ready to dive right in when I got the news that no one wants to hear.

My father went for a routine colonoscopy and hours later, they diagnosed him with stage four colon and liver cancer.

I think our whole family was shocked and for a few days we couldn’t even speak with one another. I just couldn’t believe it at first. My strong dad who had worked almost everyday of his life was now struck with cancer.

I didn’t want to speak of it and then as I normally do, I lashed out in anger at my husband and mother. I know that they are the only two people that can handle my wrath and not hold it against me for too long so I suppose that’s why I chose them as my targets.

I tend to act first and think later. I have always let my emotions guide me and sometimes that isn’t such a good thing.

Once I let it out however, I was faced with the resolve that, like always, I was to be the strong one and the one to provide lightness and laughter to our current predicament. I was not going to treat my father any different nor was I going to sensor my self or my jokes.

I started writing The Cursed Dagger and it was there I could pour all my anger and frustrations out with my words on my keyboard. It was the best therapy that I could have ever had and I am thankful I have writing as an outlet to purge my soul otherwise I shudder to think what I would do to some poor being who caught me at a bad time.

My best friend told me that when she started reading the rough draft she could feel my anger and sadness in the story. I have to admit that it pleased me greatly that I had conveyed my feelings through my character so well.

Aston and her mental wellbeing is put through the ringer in this book. She has to deal with loss, sadness, and self-doubt. To be honest, writing her character was not easy. I cried more with this book than any other that I had written.

I also was surprised at how well Lucian’s character seems to grow as the story progresses and I think people will be surprised at the depth of his soul in this story. Long story short, Lucian grows up and he is unwavering in his support throughout Aston’s craziness.

I love how characters can evolve right in front of our eyes and I am always astounded when I read what I have written sometimes because there’s this little voice inside of me that shouts ‘I wrote that. I really wrote that.’

Call it my Sally Field moment, but it’s pretty awesome.

I hope that everyone enjoys the story and I happy to announce The Cursed Scepter is almost done and even though I will miss these characters, I am looking forward to the future!

You can download The Cursed Dagger here!

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