Wings of The Warrior is Released!

I am beyond thrilled and excited to announce the release of Wings of The Warrior, book three in The Huntress Chronicles.

You can download or purchase the print version below.


The epic and stunning conclusion to The Huntress Chronicles!

Sloane Bowman came to Charleston, SC to start a new life, but what she found was so much more than she could ever imagine. Her entrance into this exciting world has already been quite eventful. She has trained to embrace her natural huntress Greek roots, slayed various monsters, gone into the boughs of hell to save her fierce vampire lover, and now she has been captured by the vicious demon of chaos.

Cristiano will stop at nothing to bring her home, but time is running out and the hope that Sloane will come through this ordeal unscathed is lost in one brief, horrific moment.

Cristiano and Sloane will both have to walk down a path of unspeakable violence and insanity as they fight not only Mania, but a battle within themselves. Their love is tested at every turn. Can they ever be who they once were, or will all be lost as the deeds from their past darken their lives forever?





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