Why I read Harry Potter Every Year.


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The summer solstice has arrived. The days here in the south are now blanketed with thick warm air that are accented by the smell of earthy moss. The nights are just as oppressive and when you do feel a slight breeze, every person stops to feel the whisper of relief on their skin.

To me, summer represents a more simpler time. I can give into the urge to sleep in, dinner does not have to be on the table at a set time, my daily walks are not done with a fevered stride, but with a slow stroll.

It is also the time of year that I sit down and read Harry Potter. I remember it very clearly. My brother Kerry gave me the first two books to read and I devoured them in a few short days. I was eager for more and I clearly can recall when I had pre-ordered The Order of the Phoenix. I waited impatiently for the mail lady all morning and the minute she arrived, I snatched the book out of her hands as politely as possible.

I even pre-ordered The Half-Blood Prince and had it delivered to where I was on vacation the year it was released because there was no way I was missing out on the next adventure of Harry Potter.

It’s a tradition and one that I have carried on faithfully for the last several years. I read the book and then watch the movie. I get caught up in the magic and I am always in awe of the world that J.K Rowling created.

To be honest, I am always in awe of any author whose work transcends age and can be enjoyed by all. It is truly the highest achievement for any author in my humble opinion.

My daughter asked me to list my favorite books in order and it was hard. I love them all, but if you forced me to declare my favorites in order, here they are:

  1. The Order of the Phoenix
  2. The Sorcerer’s Stone
  3. The Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. The Goblet of Fire
  5. The Half-Blood Prince
  6. The Deathly Hallows
  7. The Chamber of Secrets

Again, it was not easy to come up with that list because I truly do enjoy all of them.

No writing or editing this week.

This week is devoted to The Boy Who Lived.


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~Rest in Peace~

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  1. Karen Trapani says:

    I love Harry Potter. Never thought to read it again. Thanks for the idea.

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