Seeds of the Damned is Released!

Oh, you knew it was going to happen early!

Yes, Seeds of the Damned is now available to download!

I also had second thoughts about Friday the thirteenth for a release date. I’m not superstitious…okay, maybe a little.

I am so excited to share with you the start of Rafe and Hattie’s journey. It’s a bit different than what I normally write. The story is definitely more action/adventure. I also wanted for them to establish a true friendship before they plunge into a romance with one another.

Next week I will dive into more of their story and how it all came to be. I can also report that I have started book two…but don’t tell my husband. He thinks I’m taking a break 🙂

I can’t help it. Rafe was singing to me.

You’ll get it when you read Seeds of the Damned.

So, go on Amazon and download the eBook or purchase the print version!


Book Blurb:

On this day, and on this hour, Harriot O’Malley has consented to go on the quest for the seeds of which I have hidden…~Persephone

Hattie O’Malley’s life changed in an instant when her mother was brutally murdered and the truth of her lineage was finally revealed in a horrific life-altering moment. To pay for her parent’s sins, she is condemned to guard the entrance of the three hells located beneath the earth’s surface. Her new reality consists of fighting monsters and dealing with the fact that she is the daughter of Hades, god of the Underworld.

Desperate to be free from her prison, she agrees to go on a quest for the fabled seeds of Persephone. If she succeeds on this legendary pursuit, she can live her life normally once more, but if she fails, not even her father can save her from death.

She is allowed a companion on this journey and unfortunately for her, her absent and meddling father has chosen his ideal candidate.

Rafe Vilar.

The alcohol swilling, skirt-chasing vampire with his devil may care attitude initially frustrates her, but soon their relationship grows as they embark further on this dangerous journey together into the unknown.

Seeds of the Damned is book one in The Cursed Series.


Happy reading and as always thank you to my wonderful readers for all your support.~Shannon



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