Seeds of Discord Release Date

Far up in the deep blue sky, great white clouds are floating by; All the world is dressed in green; Many happy birds are seen, roses bright and sunshine clear, show that lovely June is here.” ~F.G. Sanders

The start of summer is upon us. Here in the south temperatures are starting to climb and my garden is bountiful. My vegetables are coming in at an alarming rate and my hydrangeas this year are pretty darn spectacular. With everything going on right now in this crazy world, I think it’s important to appreciate the little things which can bring us joy.

The past few summers, I have taken off to enjoy my time with my kids. They are growing up so quickly and with my boys about to enter their final year of college, I have a sinking suspicion these summers I have cherished will be coming to an end.

I cannot deny though that I am itching to get started on my next project, but before I can do this, I have to say goodbye to Rafe and Hattie. Although, it will not exactly be a sad farewell since they will be in the next series, alas their story has concluded and now I just need to get it ready for you to read. I am always a bit forlorn when I finish writing a series. These characters have become treasured friends, and in a way, they are a bit like your children. You create them, mold them, and in a sense, grow with them as each chapter progresses.

The release date for Seeds of Discord will be July 20, 2020 and I am excited to share the book cover!

I am also thrilled to announce the next series which will be called The Village of The Lost and the first book, Lost & Entangled, will hopefully-fingers crossed- be released in the late fall.

There will be plenty of familiar faces and some new ones, but I just couldn’t say goodbye to this village yet. I believe there are stories to be told and yes, the third and final book might just feature our favorite Griffin…wink, wink.

Until July…


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