The Celtic Hollow Available to Download!

I am thrilled to announce that The Celtic Hollow has been released!

The release date was set for tomorrow but I was able to make it available sooner. I am excited for all my readers to dive into this book and continue reading more of Adara’s story as she navigates her new world. Link for download to purchase the book is below and also below is the book’s description.

I truly hope you enjoy this second part of Adara’s story. I had so much fun writing it and getting to know, not only Adara, but all the wonderful beings in the otherworld even more.

Happy reading! ~Shannon

Book Description:

Further explore this world which is shrouded in Celtic myth and legend…

Adara Walsh and her parents have only been in the otherworld for six months but already the enchanting realm feels like home. As Adara’s powers grows, her confidence also blossoms.

Her idyllic world is threatened as dangers lurk in the realm. Lorcan, the shadow hunter who has captured her heart, races to the far corners of the otherworld searching for answers. Grave revelations are uncovered and a long ago foretold prophecy will change Adara’s life as her fate is revealed.

The Celtic Hollow is book two in The Celtic Veil Series.


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