The Cursed Wand Blurb & Book Trailer



It’s almost here!

I am beyond excited to unveil the blurb and the book trailer for my latest release, The Cursed Wand. I felt like this book brought me back from the depression and pain of the whole pinched nerve debacle that I developed after writing The Cursed Charm.

The Cursed Wand has pushed me to the writing limits. There is a lot more action in this book and the sex scenes are definitely a little steamier, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of putting this one down on paper and pounding the story away on my keyboard.

Book two of The Fae Witch Series picks right up where I left off in The Cursed Charm and I hope my readers are excited as I am to have it released very soon.


The Blurb:

Book two of The Fae Witch Series.

Aston races to London to help Lucian as he spirals down further into his addiction. More secrets will be revealed and new players emerge as they continue on this deadly quest.

Can Aston and Lucian find strength within themselves and one another as the search for the cursed wand takes them on a dark and dangerous path?

Journey into a magical world where myth and legend is real!

* This book contains mild profanity and graphic sex*

* For mature readers +18 and older*


Book Trailer:



The Cursed Wand, January 27, 2015!

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