Twenty Questions


I just received an email from a loyal reader who wanted to know if I would answer twenty questions for her. I was more than happy to respond and I had a lot of fun answering them so I thought I would share it on my blog for all my readers to see!

1) Hair up or down?

Down, except when it is ridiculously hot.

2) Jeans or Yoga’s?


3) Painted or unpainted nails?

Painted toe nails, unpainted nails.

4) Favorite color?

Black and red.

5) T-shirt or Dress shirt?

Dressy t-shirt.

6) Flip Flops or Sneakers?

Flip flops. I hate sneakers.

7) Big purse or small?

Big or small, as long as it’s Coach.

8) Tattoos?

Not a one.

9) Piercings?

One in my left ear and one in my right.

10) Diamonds or pearls?

Diamonds, darling.

* It’s also my birthstone*

11) Favorite animal?

My dog Ruby and a Moose… I’m from Maine.

12) Favorite food?

Um…Food. I’m not picky.

13) Rap or Country?

Country, although I do enjoy old school rap from time to time.

14) Height?

Short… 5’3 and 1/2. That half is very important to me.

15) Watch Sports or none at all?

Love to watch sports, especially any New England team, but I do not participate due to excessive clumsiness.

16) Favorite book?

Pride & Prejudice.

17) Ocean or Lake?

I love to stare at the ocean, but I’m a lake girl all the way.

18) Google or Bing?


19) Favorite Flower?

Red roses and daisy’s.

20) Dress or Skirt?

I wear tennis skirts everyday when the temperature is over 70 degrees and since I live in South Carolina that means I’m in a skirt for about 9 months out of the year.


Thank you so much for emailing me! I love to receive and answer questions from my readers 🙂


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  1. Mimi says:

    Love this insight to you.

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