In the Hands of the Editor…

I am happy to report that the manuscript for my next book, Seeds of the Damned, is finished!

It is now in the hands of my new editor and he has been waiting patiently to read it since I started writing it over a month ago. There’s always that one perfect moment when you type out the words ‘The End’, or in my case, ‘To be continued’. The thrill of actually finishing your novel, no matter how many you have written, is always there. I usually spill a few tears. It might be because I’m exhausted. I have a tendency not to sleep well when I write. I have so much going on in my head and conversations with different people swirling around my brain that I have a difficult time shutting it all off until I’m done.

I enjoy taking a few days off before I skim through what I have written. I always have a fear that it won’t make sense and until I read it from start to finish, only then can I fully relax.

That is until I give it to my editor.

The fear and anxiety of handing something over, so personal, to someone to basically critique and mark up with the dreaded red pen is frightening. It fills you with self-doubt. What if they hate it? What if it really sucks? What if the story is boring or basic?

What if, what if, what if…

Now, because I do self-publish, I also have much more freedom. I employ an editor for grammar, weird sentence structures that can happen when you type something out and then delete it, only to find out that you left a random word…oh, and to slash away my over use of commas.

My editor may suggest to reword a sentence and sometimes I agree. I tend to write how I think and talk which isn’t always, or let’s be honest, it is never grammatically correct, but that’s how I write. Everyone has a different voice and I think it’s important for a writer to stay true to themselves.

Hopefully, he’ll get it or should I say, get me.

This particular book is the start of a new series. Yes, it is an offshoot of The Huntress Chronicles. but make no mistake, Rafe and Hattie’s story is completely separate. The first book in any series is so important because it truly sets up for what’s to come and you want to entice readers to care enough to continue reading.

Seeds of the Damned was thrilling in the sense that it is a true action/adventure. I feel like almost every chapter there is something different going on. I also want the readers to get to know Rafe and Hattie better. I felt like I knew Rafe pretty well, but Hattie was still an acquaintance. The more I wrote, the more I got to know her, and the more I started to care for her.

It sounds silly, I know, but as a writer, we are not just creating characters. We are also giving them multilayered personalities and quirks. We’re forming an entire person’s life and we are trying to make you, the reader, understand them, and care for them as well. It’s not an easy task, especially when you’re trying to add different dimensions to the story, like action and adventure. Finding the balance is tricky.

Something that was not as prevalent in this book was the graphic sex scenes. I did not want to go there with them yet because as you will read, Hattie is just not in that place right now. Not to worry. There is always a sense of romance and you might just be surprised to learn who is the more romantic of the two.

So, now I wait. I have a release date in my mind but I can’t reveal it just yet until I know how long my editor is going to take. I also have a few book cover concepts to look over before I give my book cover artist the go ahead.

Yeah…so, I’m kind of in limbo right now. I actually have some time to do extensive research for the next book in the series which is going to be called…

Maybe I’ll wait on that too.

*Insert cheeky wink*



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