What Happened to Griffin?

What ever happened to the deliciously wonderful Griffin from The Huntress Chronicles?

Remember Sloane’s first observations and reaction in Wings of the Fallen?

He was tall and muscular, but not overly so. His jeans and white t-shirt fit him perfectly in an unobtrusive way. He wasn’t trying to show off his body. He was just darn perfect.

His hair was short but had a natural wave which made me think he had to have regular trimmings to make it look as good as it did. The tawny colored strands shone under the outside twinkle lights MaeMae had strung up around the table. Blonde, brown, and even hints of dark red were intertwined before darkening to almost black at his nape.

His face looked like a sculptor had taken years to carve out and his eyes were a rich smoky whiskey colored brown. My eyes lingered on his lips which were curving into a smile as I continued to stare at him before I gave myself an inward shake.

I’ve been thinking about Griffin lately. I remembered how he was initially supposed to be the love interest for Sloane until she and I both met Cristiano and neither of us could get him out of our minds.

It made me kind of sad, actually. Griffin is an amazing character. He’s a true hero, but he also is complex in some ways. His backstory is a mystery and one I believe deserves to be unraveled.

We know he was sent to London and the huntress there can’t stand him. Perhaps it’s time he was relocated and just maybe it’s time for Griffin to have a much greater story.

Who knows? He might just find love.

I know what you’re thinking.

Get back to work. Focus on Rafe and Hattie. Release Seeds of the Damned and get working on writing the second book to their story. Trust me. I am working and I am pleased to report that the first book is almost ready to be released.

I’ve also started my chapter outlines for the next book. I am completely one hundred percent focused.

I just started to think about what ever happened to Griffin…

Maybe you’ll find out after The Cursed Series 🙂


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