Lost & Ravished Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Lost & Ravished! This book is the second book in the Village of the Lost series.

Official Description:

Welcome to the Village of the Lost, where those who are alone and cast aside finally find a place to belong.

Luca Drago, the village’s notoriously introverted vampire, enjoys his self-imposed hermit lifestyle. He has kept to himself for decades, but the reemergence of an old enemy has forced him to come out of the shadows. His trauma-filled past threatens not only his safety, but those who live in the peaceful village.

Evie may be the daughter of Ares, the god of war, but she is an amicable, disciplined witch who vows to help not only Luca, but all who reside in her beloved hometown. Unfortunately, the stubborn vampire is not thrilled to be working with her and a battle of wills and wits ensue as they come together to banish the sorceress, Circe.

Their task may be a dangerous undertaking, but Luca soon finds himself knee deep in clogged toilets, snarky ogres, lovable elves, and endless chores at Evie’s quirky magical inn. As their friendship deepens, he finds himself, unexpectedly, not only on a mission to vanquish his foe, but on a journey of healing and finding love.

Join Evie and Luca for the exciting second installment of The Village of the Lost series!

Links to download the book are at the end of this post!

I wanted to provide a little in-depth look to the story. This book was full of emotion for me to write. I absolutely loved writing Luca and Evie. As readers of The Cursed Series, and the first book to the Village of the Lost series know, Luca’s past is rather traumatic. It was not easy to convey his story at some points. I was very much aware that writing a rape victim’s story from a man’s point of view was going to be challenging. But then I realized, rape is rape, no matter what gender you identify with. Luca was kidnapped and raped, not only sexually, but magically, and it was difficult. I found myself crying as I wrote on numerous occasions. Simply put, Luca captured my heart, and I wanted to create a safe place for him because I, in a strange way, began to feel protective of him. Evie was amazing to write and I have wanted to explore her character since The Cursed Series. It was actually because of her, I decided to write this trilogy.

I have to be honest. I haven’t felt so many emotions writing a book in a long time. I cried, I laughed, I was excited, but also filled with dread at times. It was truly a cathartic and strangely uplifting experience. I can also reveal that introducing Alessia more and getting a feel for her character was interesting. I, pretty much, wrote the next book in my head as I trudged along with Lost & Ravished. The last few pages of the book re-introduces one of my favorite characters and I cannot wait to get started on Lost & Embraced.

I hope you enjoy reading Lost & Ravished as much as I enjoyed writing the story. I realize there may be some parts in the book that will not be easy for some to read. I apologize if it does cause anyone to be triggered in any way. I did agonize over certain scenes, but I felt like they were necessary to the story. In the end, this book is a journey of healing, and finding love, as well as, friendship.

Click on the links below to download Lost & Ravished or to purchase the print copy.


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