Lost & Embraced Update

Hello, fair readers!

I realize it has been forever since I have posted anything and I apologize profusely. This past year has been difficult to say the least. Grief, major life changes, two kids graduating college, and my baby entering high school…needless to say, I took some time off to focus on me and my mental health for a bit.

I will say, in all honesty, writing Lost & Embraced has healed me in some ways. It also brought back a passion for writing. Ironic considering I have been writing about various ‘lost’ beings in this latest trilogy and I felt adrift like some of my characters. It always amazes me what writing can do for one’s soul and how expressing yourself through words can bring some much needed clarity.

Creating this story and, bringing Alessia and Griffin to life on paper, has been an absolute joy. I wish I could say I was almost finished, but I am afraid to reveal that is not the case. Lost & Embraced has taken on a life of its own and I can say, without a shadow of doubt, it will be my longest book to date.

When I was reflecting on this the other night, I realized it was necessary because it is the end of a nine book arc. This all started with The Huntress Chronicles, then The Cursed Series, and now we are finishing up in The Village of the Lost. This book is definitely about Alessia and Griffin though. Yes, all your favorite characters from each series makes an appearance, but I always, since finishing Sloane’s story, wanted to bring Griffin back because I felt he deserved his own book.

I can tell you though this story is more than halfway written and, while I wanted it to be released for Christmas, it is now looking like a February release. I’m shooting for Valentine’s Day and I have every intention of making this deadline. My poor editor is going to have his work cut out for him, but I have faith in him!

Stay tuned!


Okay. I might just have a small, teensy little hint for my next major series…and boy, is it going to be a doozy!

éirinn anseo a thagann muid

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