The Sex Scene


Why should I be ashamed to describe what nature was not ashamed to create?-Pietro Aretino

When I started writing ‘Isle of Skye’ I made a conscience effort not to cave into the pressure of inserting erotica just because that was the new standard. I didn’t want my character Willa to jump into bed with someone she had just met. I felt that was extremely unrealistic, especially with everything that had been thrown at her. I did write in a few light and steamy scenes but for the most part stayed away from getting too graphic.

When I started the second book in the trilogy a few weeks ago, ‘Isle of Night’, I was almost looking forward to finally adding more intricate sex scenes. I sat down to write out the first one, high on anticipation of creating my two main characters first steps into a more physical union, and I had a horrible thought.

My father was going to read this.

For some reason that was like someone throwing a bucket of ice water over my head. I couldn’t shake these thoughts. I started imagining not only my father but my mother-in-law, my mother’s older friends, all reading my writings on sex. Were they going to think this was really an insight into my husband’s and I bedroom? Or were they going to be embarrassed that I was some freaky, twisted, chick?

For two days I have been struggling with this. I found myself drawn to my favorite painting in the world. ‘The Kiss’ by Gustave Klimt. Ever since I was sixteen this painting has been my muse. I always dreamed that this is what love looked like, this is what a kiss should be. Did Gustave Klimt worry about what people would think? Did he or any other artist have any of these anxieties?

I realized that this was probably something every artist, whether they were a writer, painter, sculptor, or even a baker must go through. When we put so much of our thoughts and desires into our creations, there is bound to be some backlash, not everybody will like it but at the end of the day I’m still going to write what’s real.

I’ve decided not to focus on what everyone else will think, I want to write about things that make me happy. If those things include, some steamy romps between two people that care about each other, than was that wrong?

Bring on the sex I say..


Week in Review


This week has been full of surprises for me. My new book the ‘Isle of Skye’ is doing really well. I had this goal of, maybe, selling 100 books. I thought that this was pretty realistic thinking for a new, naïve, author. Not only did I sell 100 books this week, I’m now inching my way to selling a 1000 books in my first week.

After my disastrous first few days, which I uploaded the wrong file on Kindle, I am happy to report that I have since calmed down and no longer require a medical intervention. When I received my first review, I cried, not just because it was my first but, because this woman who I don’t even know or am related too, loved my book.

I have, as of tonight, received five reviews and they all have been very complimentary. Yes, the typos were mentioned, but what has struck me the most is that every single person who reviewed it, got it. They understood what I was trying to do with this story and they also seemed to think it is pretty funny and witty.

The big question that not only has my fabulous readers asked but also my family and friends, is when is the second book coming out?!

I do not at this time have a date but I am very hopeful that the second book in the Skye Trilogy, ‘Isle of Night’, will be finished and released by the end of March, beginning of April.

Right now I am so involved in the second book, I literally think about it all the time. Even now, as I’m writing this, I’m sitting here thinking about how I am going to start chapter four. Yes, I have written the first three chapters and I’m so excited.

The first book, ‘Isle of Skye’, is about Willa’s journey to the Isle, as well, as her journey into finding out what she really is in this new life that she has been thrust into. ‘Isle of Night’ will be picking up that theme and expanding on it. There are so many twists and turns that are going to occur it almost makes me nervous.

Nervous because, unlike the first book, the second book is going to have to be a lot more polished and a million times more clever. The book will also have a more sensuous and dark feel to the story. I keep pinching myself. I can’t believe I am really doing this. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would write a book. The fact that there are actually people out there that like it and are excited about it…unbelievable!

Happy Holidays and don’t forget to grab your copy of ‘Isle of Skye’ Book one of the ‘Skye trilogy’.

Isle of Skye Part One: Creation



Several people have asked me how I came up with this story idea and I tell them that this was simply a story I thought needed to be told. I was sick and tired of reading the same old, same old. I do believe there has been some excellent books in the past few years that have come out but I wanted a book about a real woman. I wanted a book that people could relate too, a character that was pretty normal but thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

I wanted to portray a real woman. Not some little girl who can’t make up her mind or say “Oh my” every other sentence. I wanted to create a woman that was strong, but vulnerable. A woman who could swear with the best of them and joke around but also understand when a situation calls for seriousness.

I wanted a character that I could root for.

Willa McCormack is feisty, stubborn, funny, and fiercely loyal. She has no baggage, she’s had a pretty normal life, she has a great relationship with her parents, she is just your average girl next door. When she finds out that her parents are not who they say they are, it takes some convincing and explaining, but she deals with it and moves on. She doesn’t wallow around “Oh poor me” the whole book. There is one scene where she does take a few mental health days when she gets to the island though. I wanted to add that because I felt like in the beginning when she was told and shown all these amazing things, she absorbed it but if this was me, once the danger was over, I would need time to acclimate to my new environment.

Willa deals with most things head on. The only two people she holds back a little is with her grandmother and Mathias. Winifred, her grandmother, is very weary of Willa at first and doesn’t want to even acknowledge her existence. Since Willa is the first child ever born from a Gypsy and Fae coupling, this scares Winifred. She, as queen, is immediately worried about the safety of her people and what might come about having Willa around.

I also wanted the readers to realize just how dangerous Willa could become but I didn’t want to get into all the Fae details until book two. Book one is about Willa’s journey both psychically and emotionally to the island. Her grandmother plays a key role later on in helping Willa discover more about herself. Near the end of book one you see their relationship turn more friendly and at the beginning of book two an event that occurs brings them together even closer.

Now on to Mathias. *Sigh*

I knew right away what I wanted in a male lead. I didn’t want some guy who would read poetry and profess his undying love immediately. Mathias is more of a guys ‘guy’. He has spent his whole life as a human and a vampire living up to a certain code. A code that he is determined not to break. He doesn’t talk about his feelings, he doesn’t let Willa push him around, he’s a man.

I struggled with doing the whole ‘true mate’ thing but in the end I wanted Willa and Mathias to have this intense connection. I also wanted it to be a connection that they both try to fight. Mathias is complicated, he jokes around with her but then he pulls back. They have a few spicy encounters but I didn’t want them to jump into bed together. I just felt that was completely unrealistic. Finally at the end of book one, Willa calls him out, and he runs.

I’m not going to say what will happen between Willa and Mathias but I will assure readers that by the middle of book two their relationship will be resolved one way or another.

‘Isle of Night’ will have a lot of answers but it will also propose many more questions. I hope you as excited as I am to find out what they are.

Check out ‘Isle of Skye’ currently on Amazon

Highs and Lows


I have learned a great deal in the last few days. The amazing joy of seeing for the first time my words in print. The tears that fell from my face are still imprinted on my skin. I have never felt more proud of myself than seeing my book preview. It was, aside from children being born, the greatest moment of my life.

Then of course I sat down and read it. The joy quickly turned to horror when I realized that I downloaded the wrong book file.

Yes, I made a huge mistake. My blood pressure shot up so high I almost admitted myself to the hospital. Every typo, every error was in plain view and I wanted to throw up. I knew that I would find some, anyone that had ever had to edit their own work expects that, but the thought that I would do something so stupid, after all my hard work, never once entered my mind.

After staying up for the past few days with the most agonizing anxiety it has finally been fixed. Unfortunately the Kindle team does not think that my new version is that different so it is not offering an update for those that purchased the book right away. So now I am stuck with the feeling of regret. All of my family and friends who downloaded the original will not get to read what was intended to be the best version of my first book.

I know that everyone makes mistakes, I get that, but to me that means little. I wish I could refund everyone’s money and purchase them new copies but I can’t. So now I just have to focus on the good.

The book that I intended to publish is now up. I can only hope that people love the story and characters as much as I do. I can only pray that people will overlook some of the few typos and realize this is my first book and I can only wish that people will believe in it as much as I do.

Link to book one of the Skye Trilogy, Isle of Skye:



I’m pretty sure that there are several people who would tell me to stop writing tonight.

Don’t do it!

Wait until tomorrow!

I can’t though, I am way to excited, this weekend not only did I get my book cover done I also published my first book.

There are so many emotions racing through me right now, I know I should take the night to gather my thoughts but unfortunately I can’t. When I hit book preview last night I started sobbing. To see your words come to life is incredible, but when I saw it actually published on my Kindle, I just sat there for a few minutes. All my hard work, late nights, early mornings, all of it was now being showcased for the world to see.

In a few days I’m sure some reviews may be scathing, in fact someone might actually start a “Let’s raise money so she can get this book edited by a professional” fund but right now, in this moment, it doesn’t matter.

Because in this moment I am a published author.

Introducing The Isle of Skye


I am thrilled and very proud to finally introduce to the world my new book, ‘ The Isle of Skye’.

As you may know, the writing blurb, has given me pounding headaches, heartburn and many sleepless nights. I have agonized about writing this small description for weeks. Do I think it’s the best blurb out there? Nope. Do I think it’s the best I can do in my current state of mind? Yes!

Now that I am almost ready to publish, over the next few weeks, I will be talking more about the story and the characters. I have to be honest, I’m a little hesitate to get into too many details. Call me superstitious but until this baby is out there published with my own copyright I want to keep it safe and protected.

So without further adieu …

The Isle of Skye

A place where Magic & Myth collide

Willa McCormack is a feisty Bakery owner in Yuma, Arizona. She has
Wonderful parents, great friends, and a career she loves. Her life changes
overnight when her terrified parents are forced to reveal their secrets.

Secrets that will change her life forever.

Willa must now leave everything she has ever known and embark on a
dangerous journey to the Isle of Skye. A place where she will learn that
fairytales and nightmares are real. A place where she will discover not
only what she really is but who she is destined to be.

Come explore the world of Gypsies, Faeries, and Vampires with an unlikely
heroine, who above all else, is determined to stay true to herself.

Book one of the Skye trilogy

The Final Draft, The Writing Blurb, and Fair Weather Friends


I feel like in the past week I have grown not only as a writer but also as an editor. That’s not to say I am hanging a sign out my front door for my services, but all in all, I feel pretty good about how things are progressing.

I finally got my first draft of my final draft done. Yes, you read right, first draft of the final. Since I’m not able to use a copy editor at this time * wailing* I’m plowing through it on my own. Alright, I’m also using writing software, which I found out, does not rewrite everything for you, apparently you have to do it all manually…Yay!

Needless to say I was feeling happy and excited to be almost done with my book.

That was until I had to sit and write the blurb.

How do you write what your entire book is about in a few short paragraphs? How do you entice a reader but not give too much away?

I stressed about this for several days. I started out with a glowing two page essay. Two pages which I had to shrink into two-three paragraphs. Finally I had an epiphany. I had made a conscience effort with my first book to write with a sense of realism, what would I say? What would I do? I realized with the blurb I didn’t have to do that. I could be as lyrical as I wanted. After all my book is about magic and fairytales. 

In true fashion I finished it up while cooking dinner and I’m so relieved. I conquered my nemesis. I slayed the blurb dragon. Long live me!

On a completely different side note, I also, made a rather startling realization last night.

For months I hid what I was doing from everyone. I didn’t want to post it out there that I was writing a book. Who cares? Thousands of people start writing books, few though, have the conviction to finish. I’m not saying that to be arrogant, I am merely stating fact. It’s not easy. In fact, it will literally suck the life right out of you. You have to be committed to spending every waking hour for months obsessing about every word, every character, every scene. You have to come to terms with the fact not everyone will like what you’ve written. There is nobody on this earth that will ever love your book as much as you. 

When I did finally post on Facebook that I had written a book I was surprised by how many people just didn’t give two sh*ts. People who I have known for years, even some members of my own family, couldn’t be bothered to even take one second to hit the ‘ Like ‘ button. I’m not asking for a parade but when you do something that means so much to you, you expect, some of the people in your life to share in your joy.

This past week has been an amazing journey of discovery for me. Not only do I have a new enthusiasm for my book to finally be published but I also have a greater sense of human character. To pretend that it doesn’t hurt me would be a lie but I am now armed with a deeper sense of who I want in my life and who doesn’t really belong.

So to summarize: I’m almost finished with my first book. I’m tackling challenges that a few short months ago I couldn’t even imagine trying , and, I’m finding out who my friends are.

*Cue ” I’m Every Woman” by the late great Ms. Houston please*