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The Cursed Scepter is LIVE!



I am excited to announce that The Cursed Scepter is now available for download! I decided to push myself and publish early due to the fact my amazing father will be undergoing surgery next week and I want to focus on family for a bit.

I hope you all enjoy the final book to the series and I wish you all happy reading!


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The Cursed Scepter:





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The Cursed Scepter Blurb and Release Info



It’s almost here!


I am just putting the finishing touches on The Cursed Scepter, the fourth and final book of The Fae Witch Series. I know it doesn’t seem like it’s been a long time in the making, but to me, this was a story that was in my head for the past several years.

I’m also happy to say that I have pushed the release date up to May 19, 2015!



The Cursed Scepter.

Book Four of The Fae Witch Series.

In the final book of the best-selling series, Aston must risk everything to obtain the last instrument of power, the cursed scepter. Danger awaits her and her companions as they travel covertly into Aislinge so they can finally end this war once and for all.

Join Aston and Lucian’s final journey on this amazing quest!



Book Trailer:








The Cursed Dagger is Released!



The Cursed Dagger, book three of The Fae Witch Series is LIVE!


I am excited to finally share with everyone my new book and I thought I would give you all a little back story as to how I went about writing it these last few months.

I knew that this book was going to be a lot darker than the first two books in the series. I had prepared myself for it and I was ready to dive right in when I got the news that no one wants to hear.

My father went for a routine colonoscopy and hours later, they diagnosed him with stage four colon and liver cancer.

I think our whole family was shocked and for a few days we couldn’t even speak with one another. I just couldn’t believe it at first. My strong dad who had worked almost everyday of his life was now struck with cancer.

I didn’t want to speak of it and then as I normally do, I lashed out in anger at my husband and mother. I know that they are the only two people that can handle my wrath and not hold it against me for too long so I suppose that’s why I chose them as my targets.

I tend to act first and think later. I have always let my emotions guide me and sometimes that isn’t such a good thing.

Once I let it out however, I was faced with the resolve that, like always, I was to be the strong one and the one to provide lightness and laughter to our current predicament. I was not going to treat my father any different nor was I going to sensor my self or my jokes.

I started writing The Cursed Dagger and it was there I could pour all my anger and frustrations out with my words on my keyboard. It was the best therapy that I could have ever had and I am thankful I have writing as an outlet to purge my soul otherwise I shudder to think what I would do to some poor being who caught me at a bad time.

My best friend told me that when she started reading the rough draft she could feel my anger and sadness in the story. I have to admit that it pleased me greatly that I had conveyed my feelings through my character so well.

Aston and her mental wellbeing is put through the ringer in this book. She has to deal with loss, sadness, and self-doubt. To be honest, writing her character was not easy. I cried more with this book than any other that I had written.

I also was surprised at how well Lucian’s character seems to grow as the story progresses and I think people will be surprised at the depth of his soul in this story. Long story short, Lucian grows up and he is unwavering in his support throughout Aston’s craziness.

I love how characters can evolve right in front of our eyes and I am always astounded when I read what I have written sometimes because there’s this little voice inside of me that shouts ‘I wrote that. I really wrote that.’

Call it my Sally Field moment, but it’s pretty awesome.

I hope that everyone enjoys the story and I happy to announce The Cursed Scepter is almost done and even though I will miss these characters, I am looking forward to the future!

You can download The Cursed Dagger here!


Q & A with the author



I love receiving questions via email and Facebook. There is nothing an author loves more than to answer questions about their work with people that truly are interested.


1) How do you write so quickly? I feel like you’re releasing books every few months.

It’s true, I do write fast, and I have been on quite a tear in the last year or so. I can only attribute it to the fact that it took me a long time to take this leap into writing and now I can’t seem to stop.


2) Your ‘Diary of an Indie Author’ blog posts seem to suggest you hate mainstream publishing, what do you have against them?

I have nothing against mainstream publishers. I respect and admire many of the publishing houses out there. I do not like it though when certain people in the publishing world take cheap shots at self-publishing authors. I do not take those insults lightly and I also feel the need to call them out on their remarks as it not only pertains to my profession, but also to other talented Indie Authors who work very hard.


3) What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

Write what you like and not what you think someone wants to read or what will sell. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, ‘Oh, I’ve always wanted to write a book,’

OK, then what has stopped you?

It is not an easy profession nor can you expect a steady paycheck. You have to have a blinding passion to write a book and if you have it, then you’ll know what to do when you’re done because nothing will stop you from publishing.


4) Have you ever thought of writing something other than paranormal romance?

Yes, I have and I am happy to say that I will be exploring contemporary romance later this year.


5) What are your future projects?

I hate to answer this question because I, like many authors, are fiercely protective of our work and we don’t like to give too much away before we are almost ready to publish.

Right now I have finished the third book of The Fae Witch Series, The Cursed Dagger and I will be releasing it at the end of March. I also have finished part one of the final book in the series, The Cursed Scepter, and I hope to publish in May of this year.

I can say that I have an ambitious year planned as far as writing. I have a stand alone contemporary that I want to start on soon. I have the option to add four other books to the series, but it does not have to come out one right after the other so I can go back at my leisure if I choose.

I have a paranormal trilogy planned and I have already started working on my outline.

I have an idea of a two book series that is in the very early stages. The inspiration for it hit me like a bolt of lightening the other day and I can now think of nothing else!


6) Is it hard to balance motherhood and writing?

No, not at all. My three children come first and always will. My twin boys are almost 16 so they are pretty self-sufficient, yeah that was the sound of my heart breaking a little, and my daughter who is 8, is also very understanding. I honestly do most of my writing at night when everyone is sleeping so my work generally does not interfere with day-to-day life. The only times it stinks is when I have to get up early to get them to school after only sleeping for a few hours!


7) How do you come up with your ideas for a story?

That is such a hard question to answer. I find inspiration in everything around me. It could be a picture, it might be a phrase or a song. A writer notices details that others may dismiss and while they may stroll past none the wiser, a writer is already writing characters and plot lines in their heads.


8) Have you ever written about people you know?

No comment 😉


9) When will your books be in print?

My books can be in print right now, but I have chosen not to explore that option just yet. I suppose it’s because I feel bad  that I would have to charge someone $10- 12 dollars for a print version of my work when they could download it for $2.99-3.99.


10) If you could meet one author, dead or alive, who would it be?

I don’t really drink, but I would have to say I would definitely knock back a few with Hemingway.


11) You always ask this in your interviews, so what’s the weirdest thing you have ever googled?

I’m a writer of paranormal romance so let’s just say I have googled some sketchy sh*t.




The Cursed Dagger: Blurb, Book Trailer, and Release date!



I love working on book trailers with my boys, but I hate writing the blurb. I usually start out with a full page before I painstakingly whittle it down to just a few paragraphs. I hope everyone is pumped for the release. I went through quite an emotional hell with this one and I can honestly say that I have never cried as much writing any of my other books as when I was typing furiously away on this story.


Aston and Lucian happily settle into their new home together, but doubt, fear and an overwhelming sense of foreboding threatens to cast a shadow over their lives as Aston struggles to find the cursed dagger.

The ultimate sacrifice is made and one fateful decision changes the course of Aston’s existence, as well, as the curse upon her.

Journey to mythical realms, historic cities, and far away places as the hunt for the elusive cursed dagger comes to a dramatic conclusion!


Official Book Trailer:


Release Date: March 26, 2015 only on Kindle!

The Cursed Wand Blurb & Book Trailer



It’s almost here!

I am beyond excited to unveil the blurb and the book trailer for my latest release, The Cursed Wand. I felt like this book brought me back from the depression and pain of the whole pinched nerve debacle that I developed after writing The Cursed Charm.

The Cursed Wand has pushed me to the writing limits. There is a lot more action in this book and the sex scenes are definitely a little steamier, but I thoroughly enjoyed every second of putting this one down on paper and pounding the story away on my keyboard.

Book two of The Fae Witch Series picks right up where I left off in The Cursed Charm and I hope my readers are excited as I am to have it released very soon.


The Blurb:

Book two of The Fae Witch Series.

Aston races to London to help Lucian as he spirals down further into his addiction. More secrets will be revealed and new players emerge as they continue on this deadly quest.

Can Aston and Lucian find strength within themselves and one another as the search for the cursed wand takes them on a dark and dangerous path?

Journey into a magical world where myth and legend is real!

* This book contains mild profanity and graphic sex*

* For mature readers +18 and older*


Book Trailer:



The Cursed Wand, January 27, 2015!