Captivating Wick is Released!

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Yes, it’s here! I am very happy to announce that Captivating Wick is available for download.

Gracie and Wick’s story was so much fun to write and I am going to miss chronicling their journey. I can only hope that my readers will be happy with their ending and I also look forward to introducing everyone to Maximus.

I suppose I’m a little sad since I love these two characters so much, but I can assure everyone that they will be popping up from time to time in the last two books of The Hidden Realm Series!

Happy reading!




Book Four of The Hidden Realm Series concludes the epic love story of Gracie and Wick.

Gracie has turned to the only man that can help her after a stunning discovery rocks her world. She knows Wick’s state of mind is precarious, but she has no choice. She must place her faith and trust into the damaged man that she loves with all her heart.

Danger and deception threaten them at every turn. Wick is determined to keep Gracie safe at all costs and he is pushed to the edge of his unstable darkness as their love deepens. A new life emerges, but will it be their salvation or their destruction?

A shocking revelation will be revealed and their lives will never be the same as they continue to fight against the evil interim werewolf king who has vowed to get his revenge on Wick.

Join Wick and Gracie on their journey as they navigate the road to love and redemption!


Download Here:


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