Enchanting Wick Info


Enchanting Wick has completely enchanted me.

I’m sorry if that sounds cheesy, but I can’t stop thinking about this book. I wrote it in less than two weeks.

Yes, you read right. A new record for me. I didn’t have any of the usual tiredness that comes with writing a book. I didn’t type out the last few sentences and think ‘Holy crap, I need a break’.

Nope, I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later because I was dying to read what I had written.

To say that I love this book almost sounds trite. I was consumed by it, I lived and breathed every word written. I am already writing the second book to Wick and Gracie’s story because I just have this driving desire to share it as soon as possible.

Gracie is, of course, Liliana’s best friend from The Fairy Door and The Fairyland Queen. She is smart, confident, and she knows what she wants.

Wick, or Warwick, is the king of the vampires and all dark creatures in the Vampire Realm. Readers will remember him as the slightly  deranged, witty vampire who kidnapped Liliana on her wedding night for the sole purpose of getting Killian’s attention so he could simply talk to him.

He is also known as the mad king and it is a title that is well earned.

Wick is not like any character I have ever written, He is an anti-hero at best. His methods are maddening and yes, he kills people. He does not apologize for his actions, nor does he explain himself.

That is until he met Gracie.

Theirs is a story that is unlike any I have written. If I had to draw comparisons, I would say they are like Willa and Mathias from the Skye Trilogy, only more messed up.

There is also another element in this book that I have never really done before and that is the story features a lot more graphic erotic scenes. I didn’t set out to make it more detailed, but I felt like it worked with the two of them and I also wanted to punctuate the abject need that they both have for one another.

It’s a wild ride and I cannot wait to publish this book. I’ve set a date for November 11, 2015, but as many of you know, I try to publish sooner if it’s possible.

Check out the trailer below and get ready to be enchanted by Wick and Gracie!





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