The Fae Witch Series-Uncovered

Uncovering The Fae Witch Series...

It’s actually very easy to pinpoint the exact moment when I came up with the story concept. I was working on my chapter outlines for Isle of Dawn and I decided to add another vampire into the mix. Visions of  Lucian danced in my head and then the idea to explain the intricate nature of a Fae vampire was born.

That led to the Fae witches and the story of an ousted queen and her only granddaughter who could save an entire race played out in my mind for weeks. Throw in a sinfully handsome vampire with a devil may care attitude and I was fairly shaking with excitement when I started writing Aston and Lucian’s story.

Aston was not like Willa…at all. She was far more serious and that was because of the fact, she had been raised to know of her most tragic fate since she was eleven. She was smart, clever and powerful, but she also was like a puzzle to Lucian. A puzzle he was desperate to figure out. There were no games played on his part. He fell in love with her right away. I enjoyed the interaction between them because it was actually Aston who always held back and in a way their traditional roles were reversed.

The idea to add Willa, Mathias, and the whole Isle of Skye clan seemed natural. Bringing them in book two, The Cursed Wand was ideal because Lucian was very close to Willa and Mathias. Obviously, they were not happy with Lucian doing drugs and they helped during a critical time.

I wasn’t sure how my readers were going to react to Lucian and his drug problem. It was made worse by Lord Kronan, yes, but he still sought some sort of relief from his intense heartache and since I wanted to establish his addictive personality, this was a way to bring Aston and Lucian back together.

The Cursed Wand was one of my favorite books to write. I had so much fun and I enjoyed introducing new characters, such as, Arolean and Miradone. These two grumpy old man were fun to write, but not as much fun as Bartimus, who I adored from book one.

Book three, The Cursed Dagger, was not an easy book to write. My father had just been diagnosed with cancer and there were a myriad of other personal problems going on with my life. I do not think I could have written certain scenes though without feeling the pain, anger and heartache inside of me that I transferred to Aston. The introduction of Alastair from book two was hugely important and his time traveling skills came in handy. Throw in a visit with Hades and an impromptu romantic wedding on cliff…it was a heck of a book and one that I can say in all honesty was probably one of my best.

After reading the book again recently, I also found that I thought it was rather clever and I gave myself a quick pat on the back.

Insert cheeky smile here.

The Cursed Scepter was bittersweet. I had grown to love these characters and I did not want to say goodbye. I placed Aston in yet another difficult position and I cried a river of tears when she was being assaulted and imprisoned by Lord Kronan. In the end though, it was time to wish them farewell and I felt a mixture of sadness and happiness to write out the words The End.

Of course, I was also beyond excited to start my most ambitious project yet.

The Hidden Realm Series.

I’ll dive into that next week!




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